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Living Pictures

The series Living Pictures begins in 1992, when I decide to quit my studio and to work with a "dangerous material" which asks the question of an aesthetic responsibility: unknown persons, met by announcements in every corner of the world with which I decide to share my artist's authority. I am not on the other side of the camera. I place the camera in front of them and create a constrained set up. It is their resistance in front of the set up and their address in the Other through the emptiness of the lens and through my questions, which sometimes open a breach. They do not play any more their role, they are. It is always a very short moment, as a breath, an extreme concentration of internal, unknown time. I name this practice “ a practice of abandonment”. The fact that they go out of the role assigned by the media, the territory assigned by society and education, and the need of a legitimization of one by the authority. Than I cut my questions.

Other videos

Urban Stories

The Urban Stories begin in 2003. They are as video journey diaries done with the hybrid forms, mixing shots, urban spaces, which I cross, and artistic acts improvised with the persons whom I cross.

Daily activities to make life presentable

The daily activities to make life presentable seen like video notes, personal and emotional concentrated gestures, most of the time going with the daily news.

Stories of my Life

The Stories of my life began in 1994. They are the manufacturing of a false family. The process is: I ask persons met accidentally or for friends who tell a generic story, which touch them a lot. I record their voice, and compress the text very strongly. Then, I ask them to learn this new version by heart. They recite it only once in front of the camera. Their narrative life seems then always false.