Living Pictures

How much can I trust you?

Video installation, 1995 / 5 h 20 min / 8 monitors Walls covered with lozenge-patterned fabric / Stand of the Galerie Roger Pailhas, Art Basel, Basel.

I filmed How Much Can I Trust You? with the artists belonging to the Roger Pailhas Gallery: Stephan Balkenhol, Julien Blaine, Daniel Buren, Frédéric Coupet, Irène Fortuyn O’Brien, Rainer Ganahl, Dan Graham, Pierre Huyghe, Sylvia Kobowski, Langlands & Bell, Violetta Liagatchev, Joep Van Lieshout, Claude Queyrel & Pascale Stauth, Heim Steinbach, Michèle Sylvander, Gérard Traquandi, Lawrence Weiner, and Yoon Ja & Paul Devautour. They had all agreed to participate except for Bernard Bazile and, because of scheduling problems, I missed out on using Jeff Wall. This was a project for the stand at the Basel Art Fair. My questions were solely about life, not art. Just one question was directed to them all: “What is the borderline of the bearable?” Answers ranged from: “My artist colleagues in exhibitions” to: “The American government which fails to abide by its commitment against poverty”. In the end it was because of this work that I left the gallery of Roger Pailhas. He found that the Living Pictures process questioned the heroic role of the artist too far.

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