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Three of Us

Video installation, 1992-2000 / 3 x 9 min in loop / 3 floating screens Ø 200 cm (each) / La Chaufferie, Strasbourg

Three of Us is the third part of the Triptych of the Bride, started in 1991 with Déçue la mariée se rhabilla [Disappointed, the bride put her clothes back on], a “deposition” about the end of the utopias of modernity and a prelude to the Living Pictures series. Despite the preparatory photographs, produced in 1992, the shooting never happened. I finished the triptych in 2000, and showed it in a symbolic way in Straourg, the city where it had all started. In this third part, the Bride finally assumes a body. But a body made up of fragments like a plural body. I started filming with Models, and then carried on with my friends… I framed things in a proximity without any scale, like unexpected territories that could not be controlled. The only point common to the people involved was their friendship with me. Their participation was like a present. Some of them came at the same moment. Naked, they tried to touch the other. It was an odd situation, with such modesty and propriety that skins suddenly seemed dangerous and vulnerable.

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