Living Pictures

Behind the invisibles

2014 / 21'24" HD PAL / Filmé avec des vendeur du Marché San Joachim, Salvador, Brésil

Installation views

 “I arrived at the St Joaquim Market, at Salvador da Bahia, on August 3rd, 2014. Here they sell herbs for the rites, fruits, very white eggs, Ogum, Omolú, Oxalá, Lemanjá, Obaluaiê - gods of the Candomblé - but also red devils, saints in painted plaster, chickens for the sacrifices, religious objects, fishes, pans, fabrics, flowers, peacocks, meat, necklaces of protection, music … Rites and foods are mix together, quietly. Sellers and customers are like micro-communities.

I installed every morning my temporary studio for shooting in the path of the market, which leads to toilet. During three days two blankets brought an appearance of intimacy to this precarious place. The word of mouth worked. I became the one brought from outside which exchanges the images. The conditions of shooting were these: "Come with an object chosen in your shop and pose in front of a green and gold fabric".

They came, carrying their objects as the saints of the Middle Ages. They didn’t wanted to be represented. Just appear, proudly".

August 8th 2014