Living Pictures

Entre tù y yo esta Nosotros

Video installation, 1995 / 20 min in loop / Screen 325 x 250 cm, monitor / York Gallery, Toronto, 1997

Entre tú y yo estamos nosotros [Between You and Me there is Us] was produced in 1995 for the group show Puente de Pasaje, in Bilbao. I was staying in a hotel close to downtown which had agreed to lend us a room for the filming. With the help of Franck Larcade, who was in charge of the project, we stopped people in the street. To fifty or so of them I suggested that, in front of the camera, they let out a secret of a political or private nature which, if it was said out loud, might cause a dangerous situation for them. I also asked them to show both sides of their hands to the camera. Once we had got over the problem of approaching them in the street, my proposal was enthusiastically taken up: everyone had something dangerous to say which could not be said in their everyday lives. It was harder to get them to show their hands. I made two videos which were screened for two weeks at each entrance to the transporter bridge linking two parts of the city that were divided by the river. And I had the anti-spray curtains of the barge replaced with two red velvet theatre curtains. When it came time to edit the video, I learnt that the director of the transporter bridge had been one of the historic leaders of the Basque nationalist movement.

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