In What We Trust

Poster of the showMen in Pink

" I asked the Paris based gay chorus, les Caramels fous, to sing two songs which have marked the XX century: the International Anthem and Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho, taken of the "March of the Dwarfs" in Walt Disney's Snow White. Those two songs, with their constrasting ideologies, had promised to bring happiness to the world. But because the communist revolution had self-destructed and the capitalism empire has invaded the world, I asked the chorus to sing those two songs one after the others...

When they got their pink nylon stockings out of the pockets of their suits and put them over their heads like robber masks, and when they make holes in them by digging their fingers in their mouths, they just keep staring at us. You feel like laughing, but the the laughter gets stuck in your throat..." sb